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Palo Sofa | 3+ Seater Italian Leather Sofa (7 feet)

Sale priceRs. 106,900.00 Regular priceRs. 159,900.00

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Handcrafted Italian leather | Free shipping & assembly service | 15-day no questions asked returns | 3 years warranty 

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We publish what it costs us to make every one of our products. There are a lot of costs we can't neatly account for - like design, R&D, testing, rent on office and unit - but we believe you deserve to know what goes into making the products you love.

Palo Sofa 3+ Seater Tufted Leather
Material Rs. 48,550
Labour Rs. 9,760
Taxes Rs. 18,290
Logistics Rs. 2,607
Overheads Rs. 3,452
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Palo Italian Leather Sofa, In Real Life

See how real people style their Palo Leather.

Palo 2.5, tufted - Mocha (luxury)

Palo 2.5, tufted - Pine (luxury)

Palo 3+ - Pine (luxury)

Palo 2.5 - Pine (luxury)

Palo 3+, tufted - Mocha (luxury)

Palo 3+, tufted - Mocha (luxury)

Palo 2.5 - Pine (luxury)


Luxury redefined: A range of Italian leather options

Unmatched Craftsmanship with Palo Leather

This sofa features genuine Italian leather from Gruppo Mastrotto, one of the world's leading tanneries known for its high-quality, eco-friendly leather.

Superior craftsmanship in leather furniture ensures timeless elegance and unmatched durability. Our leather artisans are handpicked and are pivotal to achieving a perfect blend of durability, luxury aesthetics, and unparalleled comfort, ensuring an investment that stands the test of time.

Our leather sofas offer highest amount of customizability in our product range.

This sofa is made for life

India's sturdiest frame meets perfect material

Every element of our furniture is chosen for its lasting durability, from the sturdy galvanized steel latches to the meticulously crafted steel frame that will last you a lifetime.

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