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Palo Sofa T | 3+ Seater (7 feet) | Tufted

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Seat Configuration:


Replaceable & washable fabrics (non-tufted variants) | Free shipping & assembly service (Bangalore Only) | 15-day returns | 3 years warranty 

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Palo Sofa 3+ Seater Tufted Fabric
Material Rs. 18,202
Labour Rs. 8120
Taxes Rs. 8,137
Logistics Rs. 3,207
Overheads Rs. 3,835
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About this piece

Discover the Palo Sofa, our top-selling 3 seater couch, an ideal match for any home. Presenting India's pioneering replaceable fabric sofa, catering to the comfortable seating of 3 - 4 individuals. Relish enduring comfort courtesy of the robust steel frame, reinforced by polypropylene webbing straps that construct a sturdy support platform, complemented by firm seat cushions. The sofa's clean lines and timeless design harmonize for unparalleled comfort. Elevate your space with this modular masterpiece, tailored to bring the utmost comfort through its classic yet modern appeal.

Create your ideal sofa with fifteen fabric colors.

The cushions are formulated for lasting comfort with our proprietary three-layer foam and fiber architecture, and feature a plush crown for a soft initial sit.

With over 3000+ happy customers, Palo embodies perfected craftsmanship over time

Unmatched Craftsmanship & Aesthetics with Palo

The Palo sofa boasts a contemporary design with timeless proportions, ensuring its appeal endures. Its replaceable fabric demands meticulous craftsmanship, achieved only by select artisans who perfect each stitch down to the millimeter.

A proud sustainable couch in a use & throw world

India's sturdiest frame meets replaceable fabrics & parts

Every aspect of our furniture emphasizes durability, from the meticulously crafted steel frame to the robust galvanized steel latches.

The Palo sofa showcases a durable frame complemented by replaceable fabrics and parts, ensuring its longevity and timeless appeal.

No tools required assembly

Ships fast and free - stairs & lift friendly delivery

No more waiting for weeks for your furniture to slowly arrive from a distribution center or paying hefty freight charges. Every order from Pelican comes with speedy, complimentary shipping in convenient, lightweight boxes. Additionally, lifts and stairs are no longer a challenge!

Palo Sofa, In Real Life

See how real people style their Palo.

Palo 2.5 seater - Sage green

Palo L , tufted - Abalone

Palo L - Umber brown

Palo L - sage green

Palo 3+, tufted - Spruce blue

Palo L, tufted - Spruce blue

Palo L - Ocean blue

Palo 3+ - Abalone

Palo L, Stone grey

Palo L, tufted - Cyan blue

Palo L - Ivory

Palo 2.5 - Sage green

Palo L - Ivory

Palo 1 - Sage green

Palo 2.5 - Abalone

Palo 2.5, tufted - Ivory

Palo 2.5, tufted - Grey

Palo 2.5 - Grey

Palo 3+ - Ivory

Palo 2.5 - Ivory

Palo L, tufted - Abalone

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