We're not just another furniture company

Frustrated by compromises between quality, affordability, and convenience, our founders started Pelican with a new approach to furniture. 

Our mission is to make great style easy, long-lasting and well-priced.

We've long struggled with couches that are either cheap and flimsy, or heavy and expensive. They require a team to move, are complicated to put together, and inevitably won't fit into your next space.

That's why we're building clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room.

The furniture industry hadn’t changed in decades

We knew that if we wanted to make a meaningful difference, it wouldn’t be as simple as putting a couch in a box and selling it online. To set a new standard, we had to focus on the fundamental changes:  modular platforms, a focus on function and fashion, and an investment in community and experience.


We want to make the furniture buying process delightfully easy, and to make our every day work more fun and interesting. Pelican Essentials' culture is rooted in its core value:

Customer Obsession, Do it Differently, Ownership Mindset, Win Together.  


Pelican was conceived by three IITians who were frustrated with the service quality of the furniture industry. They noticed that the furniture industry has not changed in decades and the way the furniture was manufactured, marketed, and distributed remains the same. They started to prototype the first sofa back in 2018 and released the perfect table in 2020. Our team continues on the same path of providing products that are designed from the ground up for customers growing needs.

If you any questions on the company, founders, the team, manufacturing partners, materials used or just would like to say Hi, drop an email at info@pelicanessentials.com. Happy Shopping!