The Pelican Essentials Table Is Highly Durable, Usable and Easy to Put Together!

The Signature Table is a minimal dining table created by Bangalore and Paris based furniture brand Pelican Essential. Renowned for their commitment to creating perfect essentials for the home, Pelican's newest pieces retain its method of making the best version of a single product.

Pelican, known for its minimal long-lasting, back to basics urban furniture, expands into the rest of the home with a multipurpose table. The table can be assembled in less than five minutes, without any tools, and ships flat-packed. The table is manufactured in India and is constructed of birch and all-natural linoleum imported from the Netherlands.


As described by the founders, “No matter the purpose, everyone needs a table in their home. As we developed the design for the Signature Table, we looked to first create a product that our customers would really want to spend time with because so much of our life happens around tables.”



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