A note on furniture design, longevity, and human emotions.

Design and emotion is a relatively new, and increasingly flourishing, research field, and this research pointed to three interwoven concepts related to emotional interaction between users and products: positive emotional responses, user-product emotional communication, and positive emotional experience.

Pelican Essentials follows the below-described design process to produce its products that emotionally beautiful and relatable:


1 - It is important to deeply understand the psychological impact of design elements and how users perceive them, individually/final design with complete relations between these elements. 

2- Users need to possess products with individualistic touches and memorable, enjoyable events that engage each customer profoundly with their products not only at purchase time but also throughout their experience with the products. Hence Pelican Essentials furniture is designed to last a lifetime.

3- Customization technique should be used in the design process and during product usage, in addition to being used in customizing the product according to these needs after purchase. Pelican Essentials furniture provides customization options for its users and more importantly is launching add-ons, that could be applied to previous purchases. Stay Tuned!!!

4- A product’s emotional life can be extended by attaching emotional value to it, and then extending this value throughout the experience with it in parallel to extending the product’s physical lifetime.

5- Product aesthetic upgradeability is an effective means of user-product communication, as well as social communication between users and their families or with others. 

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