4 Simple Furniture Design Tips You Will Love!

Small multifunctional spaces are amongst the most concerning areas to decorate. Arranging the couch, chair, side table, work desks and Tv without feeling congested while ensuring enough room to breathe may seem like a daunting task. This blog has broken down a few pointers to keep in mind to aid you with simple furniture design. 

Use of Mirrors 

Using designer mirrors on walls is an excellent way of creating an illusion of more space in a room. The dimensions are instantly transformed with a mirror installation. Since the mirror bounces off light-breaking visual clutter and effortlessly doubles up as decor, it is pocket-friendly hack designers love using to create an illusion of space.

Use of white walls

White color has an intrinsic association with peace and calmness. When you step into your home to rest, white-painted walls give you the perfect canvas to add decor, provide a sense of calm and make your rooms look spacious. A pure white backdrop is an ideal option if you want to play around with elements such as textures, colorful decor, indoor plants and furniture pieces.

Use of L shaped Sofa 

Using an L-shaped sofa is one of the best ways to save space, as it also hugs corners. Pair a minimalist coffee table to complement your modular sectional sofas in a seamless method without the area appearing too congested. To top it off, use a tall floor lamp to enjoy a delightful warm cozy vibe in your living room.

Use of Angles 

Using angles is extremely important if your room has an unconventional layout; use the angles to your advantage by turning an unfit wall into your room’s focal point. Spice up your decor by decorating your wall and using signature furniture elements to help you achieve a designer slant to your room.

Pure comfort, visual or physical, is the ultimate aim of any design. At Pelican Essentials, we strive to provide the same. We specialize in creating timeless modular sofa sets that are both comfortable and have a unique personality of their own. Follow these simple steps above to make the most out of your spaces. 

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