Easy Layouts on How to Arrange an L-Shaped Sofa in the Living Room!

L shaped sofa is a couch that resembles the shape of the Letter ‘L.’These couches recently have taken popularity owing to their open-concept spaces. L-shaped sofas are highly versatile and are available in various styles and sizes. This blog will deal with some quick tips and tricks on arranging an L-shaped sofa in the living room- Let’s dive right in! 

3 Advantages of Getting an L-shaped Sofa 

Saves space 

As L-shaped couches have plenty of space to deal with, it works significantly in small rooms without taking up much floor space instead of having several sofas, which might lead to congestion.


L-shaped sofas can seat more people than conventional sofas. Hence from an economic point of view, the price per seat is lower than other sofas. Its cost-benefit factor is higher than traditional modular sofa set options available in the market.

Easy to Decorate in a room 

These sofas easily blend into most living room layouts. With cushions, these sofas are extremely simple to style yet have a vogue look that can accentuate any space. 

Layout arrangements for an L shaped Sofa 

Center of the room 

If you have a timeless signature piece, use it as the center of attraction by placing it in the middle of the room. This arrangement works best for a large room where you can have the couch be the focal point of the space. If the area is spacious, you can add additional elements, such as armchairs and side tables, to create a cozy circular space. You know what they say “the fondest memories are made when huddled together on a sofa!”

Corner pocket 

Modular sectional sofas dividing a large room are popular, considering how it effortlessly creates a cozy corner for socializing. L-shaped sofas are among the best options for creating a lounge area. 

Back wall corner 

This arrangement calls for placing a large sofa against the back of a wall; in small cozy rooms, this arrangement works best as it efficiently provides the seating space without filling up the entire area. Additional to the layout arrangements styling furniture by adding coffee tables, rugs, modern side tables, signature wall installations, and chairs is a great way to style your L-shaped sofa. Not only are these additions functional, but they also add character to your space. Are you still confused about which timeless furniture piece to invest in? Check out our lore sofa - We are confident it would be a perfect, and luxurious addition to any space it occupies. With dry clean fabrics, these are the best option when you have kids at home that are sure to leave a trail as they go! 

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