What is Modular Furniture?

Home is a haven, a safe space for all. Its emotions transcend the four walls - An area of comfort, where each corner resonates with personality. Interiors play a complementary role by accentuating the overall space. It unifies the structure into an entity - A home! At Pelican, we understand your desire and seek to go hand-in-hand in creating a space that integrates with the existing structure and enhances its functionality. Each decision that we make together is considered with its due gravity and we promise our craftsmanship is of the highest quality. 

Form Follows Function - the principle concept that modular furniture revolves around. The form, positioning and design of our furniture fundamentally relate to its intended function. Our designers consider it a priority to operate, embracing this philosophy and to further build furniture that is in sync with your vision. Modular furniture being the buzzword in today’s narrative of aesthetic interior design, the industry is burgeoning with stiff competition, thereby resulting in sub-standard build quality being the norm. We here at Pelican though, do not compromise on our ideals. We cater to the tastes of different customers and deliver based on their expectations.  

Easily adjustable and extremely customizable! That’s what you can expect with modular furniture. We provide a wide variety of furniture and accessories to choose from, with the flexibility of recommending where you want to place it and with what form you want it to take. Furthermore, it can easily be disassembled and assembled at one's convenience, allowing one to experiment with modern textures constantly. 

A key advantage of having modular furniture is its top-notch finish quality. This is due to the fact that the majority of its make is machine enabled. As a result, finishing will be consistent, uniform and error-free. In addition to it, and contrary to traditional carpentry, you do not have to confront with the hassle of furniture being built in your house. You can bid adieu to all the noise, spatial constraints and privacy issues since our furniture will be factory finished, will be delivered and assembled in your house, at your convenience. 

Be it customizable sofas or home furniture online. Pelican Essentials is your answer. From modular sofa sets to sectional sofas, we at Pelican offer a rich selection of furniture infused with a distinct touch of luxury to bring the latest and most durable furniture to you and your home. 

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